Friday, November 20, 2015

The Hawaiian Monk Seal

   Hello Reader! 

    Seals, Seals, Seals, and more seals. Who doesn't love these blubber covered ocean dwelling friends? They are probably known most by their happy demeanor but you might not have known about all the the different subspecies, so today I going to inform you on the endangered monk seal.

   This seal ( as the name descirbes) lives in the Hawaii specifically on the island of Kauai where you can might see the sun bathing on the beach. Ain't that cute! 

  They were named after monk because they have a fold of skin that looks likes the hood on a monks robe. They are alone for most of their lives. They can live for 25 to 30 years! Woah! 

   Their diet consists fish, cephalopods (like octopods), and crustaceans 

They hunt for these creatures in the coral reefs. Monk seals will dive 250-300 feet to hunt and will stay under for twenty minutes! That's CRAZY! 

  Monk Seals are also very caring mothers and will stay with there pups from five to six weeks. 

They won't eat at all in that time and may loose hundreds of pound!

Even though these fluffy whiskered friends are adorable they are extremely endangered and only have 1100 left! 

That's awful. Thankfully the are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection act. They are endangered from getig caught in fishing nets, beach disturbances, overfishing, sea level rise, canine disease, ocean acidification, invasive species, and hunting.

 Humans are a huge threat to the survival of this species,and even if you live far away, were all connected. It's time to take a stand a help save these incredible seals.

Thank you so much for learning a bit more about the adorable ocean dwelling ear-less seal and now you can spread the message and help save the Hawaiian monk  

Here's a short video from national geographic to tell you a bit more about this adorable seal.

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