Monday, December 7, 2015

Acadian Flycatchers: Migration Management

  Hello Reader, today I'll be informing you about bird migration, specifically about Acadian Flycatcher's. These beautiful birds are endangered and mainly live in South western Ontario.

Acadian Flycatcher

    For school, we made a bird house to demonstrate our understanding of habitats and ecosystems. I was not as handy as some of the other students but I tried my hardest! We had to research about a bird. I chose the Acadian flycatcher. I learned a lot and had a great experience. 

I really enjoyed this project because I think the Flycatcher would appreciate the house because they are severely affected by deforestation and by giving them a home we are helping them survive. 

  We also need to think of a creative way to  show our understanding. I created a website called Marvellous Migration Management.  Since these birds travel for four months of the year and go to prime vacation areas I thought they could run a business and  they would tell us humans how to travel. Tap the link to check it out. 

Here are my favourite and coolest facts about these birds:

1)  These beautiful birds scientific name is Empidonax Virescens.

2) Their songs sound like pee-tah and flee sing.

3) These birds are excellent fliers are able to fly backwards which is an physical adaptation.

4) They wash themselves differently too! They dive into the water instead of standing in it!

5) Around April and August the male and female and chase each other around the forest until the female rests on a branch. They spend many years together and will come back to the same nest. 

6) Male birds show their territory by singing in breeding season. 

Thank you so much for reading an I hope you learned something new today!

Remember to check out the website to learn for about the Marvellous Migration Management! 

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